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Trust is the highest form of human motivation, it brings out the very best in people. 
– Stephen R. Covey

50% of new managers fail within the first 18 months at their job. They are perceived as ineffective by their subordinates and find out rapidly they don’t have the right skills for the job. To top this off, 60% say they did not receive any support from their senior management.


Once you made it through the first couple of years, as a mid-career decision-maker, you find yourself pulling a heavy load through rough sand, with never-ending to-do lists and too many meetings. Working at increased intensity with a sense of spinning the wheels can lead to negative stress and burnout. The symptoms of this include “tired–wired” syndrome, resulting in many managers finding themselves unable to make small decisions.

Even long-term CEOs struggle to keep up with forces inside and outside the company. As well as keeping up with ever faster changes in technology, marketplace and workforce. Consequently, many would like to reinvent themselves to get some energy back and become inspired again, but being behind the wheel for so long, they don't know how. 

Stop being overwhelmed as a first-time manager and learn how to become confident, trusted and trusting.

Transform from mid-career decision-maker into trusted leader, without losing momentum.

Reinvent yourself as an exhausted executive and become inspired again, without having to start over.

Trust works as a lubricant between people and in organizations: everything works with less friction, with more ease, better results and higher satisfaction.

“It was amazing!
Thanks Jan van der Spoel!
You have created a fantastic workshop that the whole team has learned from.”

– Nynke visser, Chief Trust
t & Conference Center

“The summit did a
session on trust and leadership by Jan van der Spoel and it
was brilliant.
Jan is the expert on the topic.” 

– Dorinda Gibbons,
Director Profile Recruitment

“I'm enthusiastic about
work about trust as it's
such a crucial subject in any relation you encounter in life. I definitely recommend Jan as an expert on this subject!

– Renske Van Kollenburg,
Artist Coach | Event moderator

360º Trust Compass

Whether you like it or not, trust happens, but it's invisible if you don't know what to look for. You guessed it right, that's exactly what we have developed. We have defined 6 principles and 24 aspects that influence the perception of trust in relationships, even the relationship with yourself. Our leadership coaching helps managers to become and stay confident, to become trusted and know who to trust. 


The 360º Trust compass helps to ask the right questions, gain insights, and know what actions to take. Once you know what to look for, the results are in plain sight. 

360º trust Compass
360º Trust segments los.png

Coaching & training options: 

For first-time Managers

First-time managers training & coaching program. Because you need every help you can get!

High-impact, time-saver Workation on Aruba 

Learn the full 360º Trust Compass program in just one week!

3-Month program 

Fit your training in with your work schedule and layer leadership skills for optimal effectivity 

Tailor made coaching/consultancy

Get help on a specific leadership project or challenge.

How to start?



Discuss your situation to advise you how the principles of trust can help you with your management challenges, fitting your time and budget, without any obligations.


Become the better version of yourself. Make your life as a manager easier, become more impactful, your work more fun and inspire those around you. 

Discover all training and coaching options with a free call

What we do

Why now?

The next step in your life always has to do with people and relationships. Whether it’s a lover, a new job, your boss, the board of directors, stakeholders, voters, or the relationship with yourself. The quality of those relationships influences your next breakthrough. Navigating relationships can be a very difficult challenge. Understanding the most important aspects of it gives you control and grip you did not have before. Why wait?

Want to know more?

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About me

I am a designer by heart. I love solving puzzles or taking on challenges to make a product or situation better than before. Finding out what elements are crucial, applying design thinking steps, and letting instinct, intuition and persistence do their part. This is why I became a Creative Director for more than 25 years. Working for clients such as Unilever, Philips, Nutricia (Danone), KNVB and many more. 

"The part of the brain that is responsible for decision-making has no capacity for language". In 2011 these words of Simon Sinek hit me like a lightning bolt and inspired me to shift my focus to the fields of behavioural science and especially trust.

Trust is crucial in every relationship but invisible if you don't know what to look for. 

Extensive research of different concepts, words and models led me to design one comprehensive model where the most essential principles of trust come together. 

I am not a scientist, psychologist or change manager but a problem solver. I am truly driven to contribute to better relationships and happier lives. Not only within companies but everywhere. Understanding human behaviour is the starting point. With Grip on Trust, I hope to make the world a nicer place. 


About me

Keynote speaking and presentations

You can book me for keynote speeches, inspirational talks, workshops and masterclasses, both live or online. 

Jan van der Spoel7 - ©Cleared.png

What people say

I consider Jan the Simon Sinek of the Netherlands. I had the pleasure of working with Jan on a coaching project and learned some priceless information and processes on how to build trust. Jan is an expert on trust. Not just why it's important, but how it works and more importantly how to build it! I also learned that Jan is highly passionate about human-to-human communication and how words trigger emotions based on memory and past experiences and understand the connect between words and past experiences is key to influencing the behaviour you want to see in people through your communication. It's fascinating and highly enabling when building a business involving people. Thank you jan for these priceless insights.

Chris Baldwin, PhD

Founder of 10X SPEAKER, Speaker coach

As an entrepreneur you will not get there with only knowledge of consumer needs. A deeper insight into the experiences of consumers in relation to the organization is necessary to make the distinction.

Jan van der Spoel has a systematic, logical, well-researched method for discovering these.


Ed Peelen, Prof. PhD.
Content Marketing, Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences of the University of Amsterdam

I got the opportunity to follow a workshop by Jan in which he provides insight into your real motivation. This resulted in a very interactive workshop where we could also help each other in gaining insights. 

Highly recommended for people who stay too much in the standard desirable sentences or who really do not know or can name what they get out of bed for.


Jacqueline Lyklema,

Marketing communication & event manager

What people say
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