Trust in business

Trust is one of the most important values in any relationship, both private and in business, but we often don't know what makes you gain, grow or lose it. I help you to understand how it works, how you can get a better grip on it and how you can greatly improve relationships.


As a result, you will achieve goals more easily, work better in teams, do more pleasant business with customers and be more successful in life itself.


About me

For over 25 years I have worked as a creative director in the world of corporate communication. I have always been looking for the human being behind the customer. The better you understand the real motives of a person, the better you can tailor your services to this. Always looking for a better relationship.


I believe that if we understand human behavior better, we will enjoy working together in teams, do business more pleasantly and be more successful in life itself.


Since 2015 I have made this my job. I help people and companies with insight programs and enjoy taking the stage to share my experiences.




Trust is the most important value in any relationship. Whether it concerns a private relationship or professional relationships such as between managers and employees or between organizations and customers. How does it work and how do you get a better grip on it?


Human behavior
In today's business world it seems that technology, algorithms and data are more important than human relationships.

Ultimately, however, choices are made on the basis of emotions, and behavior is decisive for the quality of relationships.



During your conference, company event or workshop I talk about:

  • How do you increase confidence in today's world?

  • How to wow your future customer?

  • How not to be an assh * le as a manager

  • How to increase doctor-patient trust and grow your business

  • The ROI of personas in content creation and CX


For whom?

• Entrepreneurs and managers

• Marketing and CX professionals

• Professional speakers

• Industry associations



See me in action

Workshops & insight modules


In recent years, together with specialized partners, I have developed various effective models to get a grip on who you are, know where you want to grow and how you can get there. This for both professional and personal goals. We have elaborated it in powerful modules. The modules are given as in-company training, 1 on 1 coaching and in a mastermind group.


Please contact us to find out what suits you best.



  • Trust workshop for leaders & managers

  • Trust workshop for marketing & sales professionals 

  • Trust workshop for CX professionals

  • Trust workshop for medical professionals



Company Maslow |>

Gain insight into the cohesion of all parts of your organization according to the structure of the Maslow pyramid.


FOCUS! Choose your product-market combinations | >

What are you very good at and for whom is this most relevant?


Deep Persona insights |>
Understand your customer as a person, so that you know better how you can best serve him or her.


Motivation Canvas | >

Motivation is the elusive force behind many decisions, but it is often unclear where it comes from and how you can get a grip on it.

Not all managers are shit | >
Achieve business results, get a grip on human behavior and grow from manager to leader with the help of this module.




I am in favor of applying models in a practically applicable form. Jan does this in an appealing way and uses a special mix of theories and his own models. Working from the Maslow pyramid towards a target group, a concrete person. A method that requires time and attention, but will certainly lead to desired results.


As an entrepreneur you will not get there with only knowledge of consumer needs. A deeper insight into the experiences of consumers in relation to the organization is necessary to make the distinction.

The Persona Academy has a systematic, logical, well-researched method for discovering these.


Ed Peelen | Prof. dr. Content Marketing

Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences of the University of Amsterdam


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Who wouldn't want to know how you can properly map out what moves your customer? So that you can act accordingly? Jan has not only developed a very handy method for this. He also knows how to present his insights in a clear, pleasant and passionate way. A gift for any audience that is looking for ways to respond even better to the wishes of its customer.


Gerben van Driel

Presentation and media trainer | Program maker RTL Z


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Jan takes you enthusiastically into the black box of our brain. He illustrates how our brain works. But it doesn't stop there! He gives you practical tools to know better what your customer, colleague and even your partner really wants. ”


Serge van Rooij

Speaker coach | TEDx coach | Partner Bex Impact Academy


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Through JobOn I got the opportunity to follow a workshop by Jan in which he provides insight into your real motivation. It was very enlightening to actually write down on your own motivational canvas what you want but also what you no longer want. This resulted in a very interactive workshop where we could also help each other in gaining insights. In the end I put a motivation on paper that I already used a number of times during a registration and during a job interview. Then I also noticed that if I really mention my motivation, my passion is also reflected and that this also touched the interviewers. Highly recommended for people who stay too much in the standard desirable sentences or who really do not know or can name what they get out of bed for.


Jacqueline Lycklema

Marketing Communication manager / Marketing Communication advisor / Marketing Event manager / Team leader


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I followed the Persona Making and Applying Workshop at Persona Academy. In this workshop you will receive practical tools to develop Personas yourself in a structured and constructive way. With the Maslow company as the starting point, after which you arrive at a persona via the PMCs and by zooming in 6x from market to person.


This Persona Academy method has a practical and logical structure. It makes companies consciously think about who their customers really are. It ensures that everyone in the organization is talking about the same type of customers. This should be the starting point for all companies to optimally align their policies, products and services. Ultimately, it's all about being relevant to your customers! That offer what suits the person. This starts with identifying who your customers are.


Jan van der Spoel takes you step by step through this process and takes the time during the workshop to support you in this in a pleasant and relaxed manner. Contact Jan or follow this workshop to get started right away.


Vivian Cheung

Independent Professional in Marketing Research Consulting




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