Insight modules

In recent years, together with specialized partners, I have developed several effective models to get a grip on who you are, know where you want to grow and how you can get there. This for both personal and professional goals. We have elaborated this in powerful modules.


The purpose of each module is to explain the working principle. Often this is enough to get started with the acquired knowledge. Guidance is provided through 1-on-1 coaching or a mastermind group.


If desired, I can work with a team of specialized partners to provide content for a specific program such as persona development or the motivation canvas. Approach and costs for this in mutual consultation.


The Modules:

• Company Maslow

• FOCUS! Select j ouw p roduc t-market combinations  

• Deep Persona insights

• Motivation Canvas

• Not all managers are bullshit


Company Maslow
Gain insight into the cohesion of all parts of your organization according to the structure of the Maslow pyramid. The Company Maslow knowledge module is a fun training that provides clarity for many organizations. You gain insight into what is well organized and where attention is needed to grow.

• Duration: 1 half day


FOCUS! Choose your product-market combinations  

In today's competitive market, choosing your own niche is very important. What are you very good at and for whom is this most relevant? This training helps you to establish a clear focus in your business development and marketing choices.

• Duration w orkshop: 1 half day


Deep Persona insights
Who is your customer? What is his or her concern? Which emotions play a role? Answers to which the Deep Persona Insights module provides an answer. Understanding the drivers of your customer is not only useful for marketing purposes, it helps the entire organization to develop customer-oriented behavior. Good personas are important for Customer Journey's Customer Experience processes.


The training can be given as a short workshop and as a persona trajectory. In the latter case, we guide an organization in developing unique personas.

• Duration w orkshop: 1 half day


Motivation Canvas

Need + emotion = motivation. Motivation is the elusive force behind many decisions, but it is often unclear where it comes from and how you can get a grip on it. Insight into what motivates your employees and what motivates your customer is valuable knowledge on which to base business decisions. Because when your motivation coincides with the motivation of your someone else, a powerful energy is created that enables you to jump over everyday problems.

• Duration w orkshop: 1 half day

Not all managers are *ssholes

How do you manage a team? How do you influence the behavior of your colleagues? How do you ensure that results are achieved? How do you make sure you are not an *sshole as a manager?
The module "Not all managers are crazy" provides insights and practical tools on how human behavior works and helps to understand your role of trust and motivation.

The module helps you to grow from manager to leader.

• Duration w orkshop: 1 half day


All modules can be given in different ways.

There are many ways to convey knowledge. It is important to tailor the information transfer to the target group. That is why we have developed 3 types of training as a starting point:


In-company training

• 1-on-1 coaching

• mastermind group.


In-company training

This is custom work and is specially tailored to the needs of your organization, such as: learning goals, team size, duration and intended result.


1-on-1 coaching

1x per week a meeting with an expert coach. This allows you to ask exactly those questions that are important to you at the time. You determine the content, the purpose of the training and the pace.


Mastermind group

This is a group of people with similar development and training needs. By doing exercises together and talking about the material, the subject matter comes to life faster and is immediately brought into practice with realistic situations that are introduced by the group members.



We apply the principle of reciprocity for this: we use the same rate that the coachee charges his or her clients with a minimum of 65.00 per hour . (excl. VAT)