As a speaker, my goal is
to make
event planners happy


That's why I have developed 4 steps
for a friction-free collaboration:


I'm here to serve. my main priority is to make your event successful. To do this we have to understand each other, the main objectives of your event, and the specific nature of your audience. Let's sit down and talk.


You should be able to trust a speaker who speaks about trust. I'll do my homework, am prepared, will arrive early and leave late. You can rely on that. 


Being flexible is in my view an important part of the personality of a professional speaker. Lets be real, things can change all the time before or during an event.


Preparation is key, for event planners as well as speakers. Here is a list of things to consider:

  • Do you already have a date set?

  • How large or small is the audience?

  • What do you expect from me, 20 minutes key-note, 60-90 minute breakout session?

  • My speeches are in Dutch or English, what do you prefer?

  • Is it a live- or online event? 

  • In case of an online event, what technology and platforms will you use?

  • Can I get technical support from your people? 

  • What is the setup of your event? One large space or multiple break-out rooms?

  • What are the possibilities for interaction?

  • Do you have other speakers contracted already? 

Speaker impression

Grip on trust speaking programs

The topic of trust has a lot of different interesting angles. I work from a central theme and adjust every speech towards a specific audience or event-theme. I can't really think of an audience or target group that won't benefit from understanding how trust works.

Possible speaking topics:

Grip on trust for:

  • leadership & management

  • large and small teams

  • company culture

  • customer-centricity


  • Trust fundamentals: science & research

  • Do people trust you? An honest look in the mirror

  • Do you trust people? Discover your trust-baseline

  • 360º Trust compass: how to create or restore trust in your world? 

Promotion materials

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What people say

Jan passionately takes you into the black box of our brain. He explains vividly how our brain works. But that’s not all! He provides practical tools to better understand what your customer, colleague or even your own partner really wants.”


Serge van Rooij.

Sprekerscoach | TEDx coach | Partner Bex Impact Academy


Who doesn’t want to understand what drives your customer and how trust works? In such a way that you can act upon it? Jan not only has developed a very smart method, but he also knows how to presents his insights passionately and with ease. A true gift for every audience looking for ways to anticipate customer demands ever better. “


Gerben van Driel.

Presentation and media trainer | Programmamaker RTL Z

I consider Jan the Simon Sinek of the Netherlands. I had the pleasure of working with Jan on a coaching project and learned some priceless information and processes on how to build trust. Jan is an expert on trust. Not just why it's important, but how it works and more importantly how to build it! I also learned that Jan is highly passionate about human-to-human communication and how words trigger emotions based on memory and past experiences and understand the connection between words and past experiences is key to influencing the behaviour you want to see in people through your communication. It's fascinating and highly enabling when building a business involving people. Thank you Jan for these priceless insights.

Chris Baldwin, PhD

Founder of 10X SPEAKER, Speaker coach